Resuming Driving during COVID19 - notice on access to NDLS

Epilepsy Ireland has received queries from people who are now 12 months seizure free and looking into the process of resuming driving.

In normal times, the applications for licences would be processed through the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) but their offices are closed at the minute due to the ongoing pandemic. Instead, there is an online application system.

However, one of the issues arising for people with medical conditions is that they are one of several groups that cannot use the online system on the NDLS site to have their licence re-issued.

The NDLS site states that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) is working on expanding the site to facilitate all applications for licences and learner permits by the end of June. Epilepsy Ireland reached out to the contacted the RSA for clarification and they have advised the following:

"Until the NDLS site is expanded people who have an up to date medical report form deeming them eligible to resume driving can contact the Medical Fitness section at and they will try to facilitate them. Also note when the NDLS site is expanded to handle all applicants the applicant will need to have obtained a public services card and a verified MyGovID account. Updates on the online service and the re-opening of NDLS centres will be made available on"

Should you have any further questions on this or require any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact your local Community Resource Officer.