Research Request - NCAD students seeking feedback on Ambulatory EEG

National College of Arts & Design students Conall Casey and Kevin Omelia are currently working on their final year project which is focussing on ambulatory EEGs. 

Many people with epilepsy will be familiar with an EEG; which is designed to monitor and record the electrical actvity in your brain and is a common part of the epilepsy diagnostic process. 

An amulatory EEG is a "mobile" EEG that you can be worn as a person goes about their daily activities. 

As part of their final year project, Kevin & Conall are proposing a re-design of how an ambulatory EEG service in Ireland might work - this includes the physical headset, the service, and the broader system that it lives within. As part of this, they'd like to build their research on the current experience of people with epilepsy.

In particular, they are seeking to hear from parent/carers of children with epilepsy who may have had experience of ambulatory EEG's but have noted that all experiences of all people with epilepsy will be welcome. 

You can assist with their research by completing their survey HERE.

If you have any questions on this study, please contact Conall on