Research Funding Scheme

We’ve just closed our 2019/20 Research Funding scheme call for applications, and we are delighted to have received a record 16 applications for funding.

Applications address a wide range of topics including SUDEP, Cannabidiol in epilepsy, potential genetics causes and treatments, intellectual disability, mental health in epilepsy, maternal health in epilepsy, seizure detection devices, neonatal seizures, the impact of epilepsy, medication safety and more.

Research on epilepsy – its causes, treatments & potential cures – is a key strategic aim of Epilepsy Ireland and we are privileged to be in a position to fund research into the condition through the HRCI & HRB joint funding scheme. In the past decade, we have invested over €1 million on research into epilepsy and you can see more on the projects we have funded here.

This latest research call invited applicants to put forward proposals on a number of key aspects of epilepsy which was agreed following consultations with our members and service users. Funding of €150,000 per project is available over three years and we hope to be able to co-fund two new projects in association with the HRB in 2020.

The process of assessing all 16 applications now begins. This will be undertaken by our research review committee and in due course, through an international peer review process. The top ranking proposals will be sent to the HRB next April for joint funding consideration.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a proposal and we will provide further details when final decisions are made in 2020. Thank you also to all our volunteers and donors whose support enables Epilepsy Ireland to continue to invest in world-class epilepsy research here in Ireland.

Further details on key dates for those who have put forward proposals can be found here.