Research funding

Research Priorities

Our current 5-year Strategic Plan (2017-2021) identifies research as one of six key aims of Epilepsy Ireland.

We want to fund any area of research that has the potential to add significantly to existing knowledge into the causes, cures, care, treatment, impact and effect of any type of epilepsy, including SUDEP. We encourage proposals for all types of research including basic, clinical, psychosocial and health services research.

We focus not only on a proposal's scientific quality but also on its relevance to people affected by epilepsy and its potential to deliver tangible benefits/ outcomes to the lives of people with epilepsy through a targeted investment.

Ahead of each call for proposals, we may identify a number of specific priority research areas on which we would particularly welcome funding applications. For example, see our most recent research call (October 2019).

Evaluation Process

Applications received under our Research Funding Scheme undergo a rigorous review process to ensure that the charity’s fundraised monies are invested in the projects that can have the greatest impact. This involves:

  • Internal Review of pre-application submissions to develop shortlist for full application
  • International Peer review of full applications
  • Applicant's feedback to international peer reviews.
  • Evaluation and ranking by Epilepsy Ireland's Research Peer Review Committee
  • Approval by HRB/HRCI under the Joint Funding Scheme.

Research Review Committee 2019/20

Prof Martin Brodie, Chairman

Prof Norman Delanty, Adult neurology

Dr Bryan Lynch, Paediatric neurology 

Dr Cathy Madigan, Neuropsychology

Prof David Henshall, Basic neuroscience

Dr Gianpiero Cavalleri, Genetics

Dr Christine Linehan, Intellectual disability

Dr Patrick Dicker, Medical Statistician 

Cora Flynn, National Programme for Epilepsy Lead Nurse,

Ms Margaret McCahill, Patient representative

Dr Ailbhe Benson, Patient representative