Purple Day - Support Our Campaign

Purple Day took place on March 26th and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to donate or share their support online. COVID19 changed our original plans but we were delighted with the response we received with #PurpleDay trending on twitter in Ireland and with social media in general being a sea of people wearing purple to celebrate this international day of epilepsy awareness. If you were unable to donate/raise awareness on the day, it's not too late to do so now! Every day is an epilepsy awareness day for us so please see ways you can donate to our work below and how can help raise awareness of epilepsy online.

1) Set up a facebook fundraiser

Despite COVID19, we will all still have birthdays and anniversaries coming up so if you have a big day coming up, why not set up a facebook fundraiser to support our work. We receive 100% of donations given via facebook and every donation, no matter how small, is vital to our work for people with epilepsy and their families. 

2) Buy a Purple Wristband 

For Purple Day this year, we had brand new festival style wristbands to sell. You can order your wristband today by clicking here! Unfortunately, due to COVID19, we are unable to post orders while the current situation persists but we will issue your order to you as soon as physically possible. It doesn't have to be Purple Day in order to raise awareness and you can do just that when you receive your wristband. Be sure to take a pic and tag us on social media when you receive your band!

3) Donate Online

You can make a donation right here on our website. This is an alternative to support our work if you don't have a social media presence. You can make a donation by clicking here.


4) Have a swearbox for your new working from home station

With the situation around COVID19, most of us are now working from home over the coming weeks. For the newbies to the working from home world, this won't be easy with distractions from the children to realising just how loud the washing machine actually is! This may induce language that usually isn't usually fit for public consumption BUT you could start a little swearbox for Epilepsy Ireland and donate what you have gathered up when things return to normal.


5) Share your story and encourage friends to follow/like Epilepsy Ireland's Social Media channels.

Again with COVID19 being the dominant thought in everyone's mind at the moment, why not encourage your friends and family to learn more about epilepsy. People are going to need something to take their minds off the current situation, so this could be the perfect oppurtunity for them to learn more about the condition. You could also share your stories about epilepsy to your social media channels by recording a short video and explaining your life with the condition. This will go some way to helping increase the understanding of epilepsy and how it affects people and through this, we will be closer towards a society where no person's life is limited by epilepsy. 

6) Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get their epilepsy awareness degree.

We have become a self proclaimed University and we have decided to offer a "degree" in epilepsy awareness. People have more time at home now with the COVID19 situation so please ask them to get their degree in epilepsy awareness! Click here and share this page with your friends so together, we can increase awareness of the condition that affects 40,000 people in Ireland. 

Thank you for your support and we hope you will support us as much as you can in these unprecedented times. 

Stay safe, follow the official advice and we hope to resume to normal service as soon as possible!

About our Sponsors

Our efforts on Purple Day were sponsored by Nutricia. 

Nutricia specialises in medical nutrition for people of all ages and develops foods for special medical circumstances - including epilepsy. This marks the second year that Nutricia have sponsored Purple Day for Epilepsy Ireland and it is one which the entire company were delighted to be part of ,according to Amy Meegan, Brand Manager at Nutricia:

“It is a fantastic for us to be involved in this international epilepsy awareness day and to be associated with the wonderful work that Epilepsy Ireland do. While days like Purple Day are essential in raising awareness amongst the general public, every day is an awareness raising day for them through their work in local communities across the country.”

“Nutricia develop products that support ketogenic dietary therapy. With the support of a registered dietitian, this high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet can provide seizure relief for those who have failed to respond to other management options. Through the people that approach us about the diet, we know that epilepsy as a condition needs increased awareness across the country which is why we are delighted to be sponsoring Epilepsy Ireland’s awareness raising efforts on Purple Day.”

We are delighted to have the support of Nutricia. You can read more about them here while you can read more about the Ketogenic Diet here.