Purple Day 2021

Purple Day® took place on the 25th March in Ireland and we would like to thank everyone for their support for what is a major fundraising and awarenesss day for Epilepsy Ireland. This year's Purple Day® marked the second time that we have held the event virtually due to necessary restrictions to combat COVID-19.

Our social media channels were a sea of purple, all in the name of epilepsy awareness. While the day has now passed, we have outlined below some things which you may have missed on the day and how you can still raise vital funds for our work and raise awareness. 

Thank you again for all your suppport for Purple Day®!

Donate and Turn Ireland Purple!

In the lead up to Purple Day, we launched an interactive map in which your donation LITERALLY helped turn Ireland Purple. If your area hasn't been represented, there is still time to make it go purple by clicking HERE.

Socially distant fundraising challenge

We had some wonderful volunteers take part in some fantastic fundraising challenges for Purple Day. 11 year old Tom challenged himself to walk 500,000 steps in the lead up to Purple Day and he absolutely smashed his fundraising target - raising over €2k for our work. These socially distant fundraising challenges are something that can happen any time of year so if you have a challenge in mind to raise funds, please contact Luke on lmeany@epilepsy.ie if you’d like to discuss your idea!

You can get your "degree" any day!

You can get your "degree" in epilepsy awareness any day! It only takes about 10 minutes! Our  "degree" is a quick run-down of the need to knows about epilepsy and provides vital information that the general public may not be aware of. Lots of people took the time to get their "degree" for Purple Day but you can still get yours today.To begin your studies, click HERE. 

Tell your Story

In the lead up to Purple Day® and on the day itself, we had a number of people sharing their experiences of epilepsy in an effort to help others learn and understand. These type of testimonies are something we are looking for year round - not just around Purple Day® or other campaign days. If you're interested in telling your story on our channels, please get in contact with our Communications Manager Paddy on pmcgeoghegan@epilepsy.ie. Check our Aoife's story which was shared in the lead up to Purple Day® and be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram to see many more personal testimonies which were shared.











Like, share and follow

In the lead up to Purple Day®, we encouraged people to like, share & follow our channels. Much like telling your story mentioned above, this is something that we need year round. A simple like, share & follow can further our reach thus allowing us to educate more people about epilepsy. You can find all our channels at the links below:


As part of the awareness raising efforts for Purple Day, we launched a fun knitting challenge to help keep people busy and safe during these abnormal times. What a response we received! Click HERE to read more.

Thank you for your supporting #PurpleDay!

About Purple Day®

Purple Day® is an international grassroots campaign founded by Canadian woman, Cassidy Megan. The day sees people across the world encouraged to wear purple in the name of epilepsy awareness and well-known buildings across the globe also light up purple in recognition of the estimated 50 million people living with epilepsy across the globe.

Globally, the day takes place on March 26th. However, the day is being celebrated in Ireland this year on March 25th. It was identified by Epilepsy Ireland that the day was landing on the same day as Daffodil day and we know that many of our supporters would like to support both days and we therefore decided to lead the global awareness raising by moving Purple Day® in Ireland to March 25th.

Purple Day® is a Registered Trademark of The Anita Kaufmann Foundation.

For more on Purple Day®, see Purpledayeveryday.org.