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Postponed: Information session on epilepsy and breastfeeding.

mum breastfeeding newborn baby
19 May 2022

If you are a woman with epilepsy and are a new mum, pregnant or are planning a pregnancy, we’d like to invite you to this special event on breastfeeding.

Concerns around breastfeeding can be common amongst new or expectant mums with epilepsy given the medications that they may be on to control their seizures. However, for most women, they can breastfeed as normal but there are matters to be conscious of. This event will aim to provide further information around this and aim to ease some of the concerns that new or expectant mums may have.

This event will be led Sinéad Murphy; a Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner in epilepsy, who specialises in women with epilepsy; and feature Pauline McLoughlin; a lactation consultant, nurse, and midwife who has a wealth of international experience of working in this field.

Pauline will provide her expertise in this area as part of the event and Sinéad will facilitate a questions and answers session and also provide further insight from an epilepsy perspective to all those in attendance. 

We look forward to welcoming women with epilepsy virtually to this event! If you are a women with epilepsy and are planning a pregnancy, please visit the women section of our website or get in contact with your local Community Resource Officer. 

This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date. All those registered will be notified of future event date.

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