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Our Research In The News

Whenever we make our investment in research, we know we are investing in some of the best minds in the Irish research scene. Because of that, some of the studies we have funded have been featured in renowned journals and the national press. We update this section of our website to include recent links of recent studies which have received global acclaim or national headlines and any news items which may be of interest to researchers interested in working with Epilepsy Ireland.

Epilepsy Ireland funded study featured in epilepsy journal - Seizure

Family dogs may predict epilepsy seizures up to an hour in advance - research

Epilepsy Ireland Research Funding Call Officially Open!

Epilepsy Ireland Funded How2Tell study featured in leading epilepsy journal -Epilepsia​

HRCI Conference

Genomics Module developed within EPR

Priorities for Epilepsy Research"-Thank You


We aim to fund research that has the potential to add significantly to existing knowledge into the causes, cures, care, treatment, impact and effect of any type of epilepsy, including SUDEP. We focus not only on a proposal's scientific quality but also on its relevance to people affected by epilepsy and its potential to deliver tangible benefits/ outcomes to the lives of people with epilepsy through a targeted investment.

Below are some of our key research successes to date:

  • Over €1m in research funding invested to date, representing approx. 7% of income over the past 8 years and est. 20% of all non-pay expenditure.
  • Enabled participation by Irish researchers and Irish patients in large-scale international genetics studies
  • Led directly to important genetic and gene activity discoveries
  • EI grants have helped Irish research teams achieve major national/ international epilepsy research funding (for example and
  • Progress in understanding the causes of SUDEP
  • The Epilepsy Deaths Register for Ireland is one of a growing number of international registries to drive further SUDEP research
  • Studies on prevalence and the impact of Epilepsy Specialist Nurses have helped shape advocacy and policy issues affecting people with epilepsy in Ireland
  • Research findings have helped shape and develop the services and supports we provide to people with epilepsy and their families, for example, the How 2 Tell project.
  • Research grants have helped attract young medical and scientific talent to the field of epilepsy
  • Promoted research volunteering among Epilepsy Ireland service users.
  • Helped ensure that State research funding has been invested in epilepsy