New online chat forum for people with epilepsy

The TEA Room is a recently launched open forum for young people who are living with epilepsy.

TEA stands for 'Teenage Epilepsy Agenda' and once registered you will get instant access to an online community from all over the world who are experiencing the challenges people with epilepsy face. Although you can share any facts about the condition, the space is open to discuss any issue (within moderation) in a community of people free from judgment.

The Tea Room was created in 2010 by Scottish Epilepsy Initiative and grew to Australia in 2012 when SEI teamed up with Epilepsy Queensland. Now the website has grown to be a worldwide forum available to anyone, anywhere between the ages of 13 and 19.

Young Irish people are welcome to join in the conversation with The TEA Room still being managed by Scottish Epilepsy Initiative, a registered charity based in Glasgow, Scotland. For more information log onto or like their facebook page on