New Emergency Card Scheme launched for Family Carers

A new emergency card scheme for family carers has been launched by our colleagues in Family Carers Ireland.

The new card has been designed to ensure that a vulnerable person gets the care they need should their primary carer be involved in an accident; have an unplanned hospital admission or is suddenly taken ill. 

Should this happen, there is a risk that the person they are caring for could be left alone and uncared for.  The new emergency card aims to provide carers with peace of mind that the person they are caring for will be looked after in case of emergency.

This new scheme may be of interest with families where a person has refractory epilepsy or where the person they are caring for has additional needs alongside epilepsy.

Further details on the Emergency Card Scheme can be found here while the application form can be accessed here. It is also available for download at the end of this article. 

Should you have any further questions, please call the Freephone Careline on 1800240724.

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