National Epilepsy Week

May 24th - 30th marked National Epilepsy Week and during the week we highlighting key advocacy issues which are facing people with epilepsy and their families. 

Epilepsy Ireland contacted all TD's and Senators highlighting some of these issues, asking that they #AdvocateForEpilepsy. The issues identified were as follows:

- Sodium Valproate (Epilim) Campaign 
- Free Travel for people with epilepsy 
- Reasonable Accommodations for students with epilepsy during state exams 
- Medical Cannabis Access Programme 
- Online Safety & Media Regulation Bill 

As part of the week, we encouraged our members and volunteers to use the week to contact your local representatives to raise these issues and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to contact their local representative.

We would be keen to point out however that just because Epilepsy Week has ended does not mean our campaigning on these matters has stopped. We will continue to pursue these with members of the Oireachtas at every available oppurtunity in an effort to have them addressed. Likewise, you can use your voice at any stage to contact your local representative in support of these matters. 

We now have a new Advocacy section on our website where you can learn more about the issues we highlighted. You can access this HERE. 

Thank you for your continued support and we hope that the week has helped TD's and Senators understand these issues further and that they will  #AdvocateForEpilepsy to seek action on all the issues we have identified.