National Epilepsy Week

May 18th – May 24th marks National Epilepsy Week and sees a number of epilepsy organisations from the UK & Ireland come together to raise awareness of the condition.

As the only representative patient organisation for people with epilepsy and their families in Ireland, we are proud to be taking part in the week alongside our colleagues in the UK.

The theme for this year’s week is #morethanseizures. This theme aims to highlight how there are many hidden aspects to this complex condition that can be often overlooked by the general public and educate them how epilepsy is much #morethanseizures.

As part of the week, Epilepsy Ireland will be sharing stories from people with epilepsy via video & text to discuss associated aspects of the condition which they would like to highlight. If you are a person with epilepsy and would like to discuss this theme further or take part in our series, please get in touch with our Communications Officer, Paddy McGeoghegan on If you are sharing your experiences on your own social media channels, be sure to tag Epilepsy Ireland as well and share them with us!

The current restrictions and period of social distancing represents a fantastic oppurtunity for people to learn about epilepsy so alongside this, we will also be sharing a series of videos daily on our facebook from our Training Manager, Paul Sharkey, providing education and awareness on the condition, how seizures present and what can act as a trigger for people with epilepsy amongst other aspects of the condition.

These videos will premiere at the same time each day on our facebook and will aim to give a general insight about the condition that affects 40,000 people in Ireland today.

So please be sure to save the dates and invite friends and family to follow our social media channels so they can learn all about epilepsy and how it is #morethanseizures.