Michael Fassbender shows his support for Brain Awareness Week

Internationally renowned actor Michael Fassbender is supporting the Love your Brain campaign for National Brain Awareness Week March 11th to 17th. In his endorsement video, Michael highlights the need to raise awareness on behalf of the 800,000 Irish people living with neurological conditions.

The campaign aims to promote greater awareness and understanding of the brain and brain conditions as well as the need for more investment in services, research and prevention. Love your Brain is supported by over 20 patient organisations and research groups which will be involved in organising events for Brain Awareness Week throughout the country. 

There are 4 parts to the Campaign: 

  1. Understand your Brain: Promoting greater understanding and knowledge about our brains and how they work
  2. Keeping Your Brain Healthy: Raising awareness of brain health and how you can protect and strengthen your brain
  3. Living with a Neurological Condition: Calling for more investment in services for the 800,000 Irish people living with neurological conditions 
  4. Promoting Brain Research: Highlighting the need to support research into the brain and brain conditions 

Check out Michael’s endorsement video below. 

For more information on National Brain Awareness Week and events happening nationwide visit loveyourbrain.ie