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Why Donate to Epilepsy Ireland?

To put it simply, a donation, no matter how small, helps Epilepsy Ireland further our mission of meeting the needs of people with epilepsy in Ireland. Someday, we hope for an Ireland in which no-one life is limited by the simple fact that they happen to have epilepsy.

Epilepsy Ireland, relies on voluntary contributions to fund much of our work. The funding we receive from Government departments and agencies is recognition of our good work and it enables us to provide basic services. However, over the years, it has been the funding raised by our members and supporters through membership, organised events and donations that has enabled us to grow and develop new services.

With your continued help, our information & support services, our public awareness raising and our work with service providers at both local and national level will be able to expand enormously.

Giving to Epilepsy Ireland is also a smart financial strategy offering a range of income, estate and capital gains tax savings. Giving is easy, with many ways to give. From €1 upward, no gift is too small or too big.

So whether you are a member, beneficiary of our services, or just interested in helping, we invite you to be a part of our mission and make a donation today.

Tax Effective Giving

Help Epilepsy Ireland by making your donation donation go further

We are asking you for just a few minutes of your time, which will make your donations go even further!

Did you know that by simply completing a Tax Relief Form you can help Epilepsy Ireland reclaim thousands of Euro from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to you?

How to claim tax relief

If you pay tax and you give more than €250 in the calendar year, we can reclaim the tax on your donation(s), so a direct debit of €21+ a month will take you over the €250 threshold. Therefore a donation of €250 could be worth an extra €112 to us.

Simply print out the tax relief form below, complete it and return to the address below and help make your gift to us go even FURTHER!

Five Years
Sign for 5 years so we don’t keep writing to you & save our postage CHY3 Cert Form

One Year
Sign for one year CHY4 CERT Form

If you have any further questions please contact:
Epilepsy Ireland, 249 Crumlin Road, Dublin 12.
Tel: 01 4557500