Link between headaches and mood problems in patients with epilepsy shown

A new study conducted by Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, in Seoul, has shown a link between headaches and mood problems in people with epilepsy.

The research examined the nature and occurrence of headaches in people with epilepsy, and explored their relationship with mood problems. 

The study had 177 participants and of which 41.2% (73) indicated that they had headaches before, during or after a seizure, and these individuals were commonly found to have higher depression and anxiety ratings than those who did not have headaches. Attributes most commonly associated with tension-type headaches were the most frequent, and half of the seizure related headaches were untreated. The study also indicated that individuals whose headaches came on during seizures were more like to be depressed, whereas those who experienced headaches after their seizures were most likely to experience depression and suicidal thoughts.

These results show that investigating and regulating headaches may relieve symptoms and ultimately improve the quality of life of People with Epilepsy.

Source:  Epilepsy Research UK

Published: Epilepsy & Behaviour (July 2016 - Volume 60, Pages 204–208)