Kerry County Council pass motion supporting key Epilepsy Ireland advocacy issue

Kerry County Council recently supported a motion supporting our ongoing campaign for access to Free Travel pass for people with epilepsy.

The motion was brought forward by Cllr. Fionnán Fitzgerald and was supported by his council colleagues.

Motions around access to a Free Travel Pass and the provision of Reasonable Accommodations during state exams have been passed in several local authorities this year. We hope that these will help raise awareness of these longstanding matters and will ultimately add pressure on Government to address these matters. 

The motions stem from a submission we made to the Oireachtas Committee on Disability Matters towards of last year – you can read that HERE.

We also recognise that a number of our members, supporters and volunteers may want to contact their local councillor to see a similar motion passed in their area. You can find out how you can make this happen by reading more HERE; where you will find further info on this issue; what councils have passed motions and  a draft letter which you can adapt and send to your local councillor. 

We will continue to pursue these key issues that are facing people with epilepsy and their families and will provide further updates on our website & social media channels.