Irish Examiner article "Do people with epilepsy suffer discrimination in the workplace"?

This Irish Examiner article questions whether people with epilepsy face discrimination in the workplace.

To discuss the question posed interviews were conducted with Epilepsy Ireland's CEO Peter Murphy, who says that "... It's a mix" ..."of blatant workplace discrimination which has resulted in legal proceedings, as well as anecdotes of "negative experiences" in the workplace -- people being told, for example, that they could no longer do a particular aspect of their job after disclosing they had epilepsy or had had a seizure in public"

Also interviewed were former chef David O'Hara who found himself unable to get a job after his disclosure of epilepsy. David is currently a participant on Epilepsy Ireland's Training for Success Programme. Peter Garrett, former electrician and roofer, who is is also taking part in our Training for Success programme and who has applied to study for a degree in social care at Sligo IT. 

On a positive note Epilepsy Ireland Patron, Rick O'Shea "...says his condition never affected his job" and Richard Eardley, Managing Director, Hays Ireland, who would not be concerned about hiring someone with epilepsy.

For many the fear of disclosing their epilepsy to their employer is still a concern. Recent research conducted by Amarach Research which showed the 70% of people would not be confident telling an employer they had a hidden disability.

Source: Irish Examiner, Friday 6th May 2016