HRCI Conference

Epilepsy Ireland were delighted to attend the Health Research Charites Ireland conference in Dublin yesterday.

The big reveal of the day from our colleagues in the HRCI was regarding their rebrand from the MRCG (Medical Research Charities Group) to their new name of the HRCI.

Through the course of the conference, we heard how the research environment has grown over the HRCI’s 21 year history. The conference also featured testimony from HRCI members regarding the support they have received from the organisation in carrying out vital medical research.

This is something that Epilepsy Ireland can also attest to.  Our membership of the HRCI has allowed us to carry out vital research into the condition epilepsy; its causes & potential treatments. Just some of the projects that we have worked together on include the “The Prevalence of Epilepsy in Ireland study” and “Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis” to name but a few.

At the conference, the HRCI launched their position paper making recommendations for ‘Research towards a healthier Ireland’. The 5 recommendations are as follows:

Recommendation 1: Increase investment in clinical research in Ireland, in line with the recommendations of the CRDI ‘Future Investment in Clinical Research’ report.

Recommendation 2: Undertake a national information campaign on the value of health research and explaining the importance of patient consent.

Recommendation 3: Establish a National Federation of Patient Registries

Recommendation 4: Develop a National Genomics Strategy and invest in a public Irish Genome Project.

Recommendation 5: Support a multi-stakeholder, National Engaged Research Hub, through inclusion in national strategies and plans relating to research and development.

The full position paper on the HRCI’s recommendations can be accessed here.

We look forward to continuing our membership of the HRCI in the years ahead as we work towards a society where no person’s life is limited by epilepsy. 

We will be announcing a further research call in the coming weeks for future projects so please keep an eye on our website and our social media channels for further details. Details on our research priorities and projects funded to date can be found here and here.