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Genomics Module developed within EPR

Last Updated: Tue, 13/08/2019 - 13:38

A new genomics module in the Irish National Epilepsy Electronic Patient Record has been developed by researchers in FutureNeuro & the HSE Epilepsy Lighthouse Project.

The new research was published in the latest issue of the journal Epilepsia; the leading source for clinical research on epilepsy.

Genomic data has become an increasingly important field with regard to understanding the reasons behind a person’s epilepsy in order to tailor a specific care model for that person.

Ireland’s EPR system is already globally acclaimed as it enables flexible and speedy access to clinical data in order to better support patient with epilepsy.

The addition of genomic module within this system will allow for multidisciplinary teams to identify whether there is a clear genetic cause for a person’s epilepsy and therefore allowing them on how best to manage their treatment.

This is the first genomics module to be built in to an EPR system anywhere in the world and highlights again the innovative, patient-focused developments that are being made by the epilepsy community in Ireland.

For further information on this research, see the FutureNeuro news item and the Epilepsia summary.