Gabitril Supply - UPDATE

As we have reported previously, there is currently a shortage of Gabitril (Tiagibine) in Ireland which has been confirmed by the HPRA. This is a Europe-wide supply issued caused by manufacturing delays. See latest previous news updates here and here.

TEVA have now confirmed to Epilepsy Ireland that they are working with the HPRA to extend the shelf life of a small quantity of Gabitril packs that expire in August and September in order to ensure that supply is maintained. This is still in discussion phase and they have not yet received approval from the HPRA for this.

Meanwhile, the latest drug shortage updates from the HPRA and the Irish Pharmacy Union indicate that Gabitril 15mg is now back in stock. 5mg and 10mg tablets are still in short supply.

Although stating that normal supply is expected to resume in October 2019, TEVA have not ruled out further shortages in early 2020.

The temporary solution identified with regard to patients asking their pharmacists to source Gabitril abroad via Medisource still stands and cost of medication will be covered in the normal way through the PCRS & LTI.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as we receive them.  We are aware this continues to be a significant concern to many people so please consult with your medical team if you have any queries.