Gabitril Supply-Update

A shortage of Gabitril (5, 10 & 15mg) film coated tablets has been confirmed by the Health Products Regulation Authority with manufacturing delays cited as the reason for the shortage.

The HPRA have stated that the expected return date of normal supply is October 2019.

Epilepsy Ireland contacted both the HPRA and the manufacturers of Gabitril-TEVA-seeking further information on the shortage.

The HPRA have responded confirming the information they have available to them which is that the shortage is as a result of manufacturing delays and that the expected return date is October 2019.

Unfortunately, no reply from TEVA has been forthcoming regarding this matter despite repeated attempts from those within our organisation to obtain further details on this most important matter. As part of our contact with TEVA, we are seeking an urgent response from them regarding their continuity of supply and indeed, whether they will issue further information about this delay and the processes that are in place to maintain patient care. We are very disappointed by their lack of response thus far as we are aware this shortage continues to be a significant source of concern to person’s with epilepsy and their families.

However, we have been made aware that pharamacists may be able to obtain supply of Gabitril from abroad via Medisource. Costs of the medication will still be covered in the normal way through the PCRS & LTI and this is a matter that you will need to discuss directly with your pharamacist. As noted previously, please contact your medical team or Epilepsy Nurse Specialist if you have any concerns.

As soon as we receive further information, it will be posted on our website and our social media channels. 

Additionally, should you wish to contact TEVA directly regarding this, their twitter is @tevapharmeurope, their facebook is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd and the contact number for Teva Ireland is 1800 201700.