Epilim shortage expected for the next two weeks

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) are advising of an expected shortage of Epilim 100mg Tablets in the coming weeks. 

The shortage is caused by a manufacturing delay and is not related to concerns over Brexit.

The shortage is expected to last approximately two weeks, with resupply envisaged for 15th February 2019.

The manufacturers, Sanofi have informed HPRA that they have alternatives products available for patients in sufficient quantities to meet any increase in demand caused by the shortage of 100mg tablets:

  • Epilim Liquid 200mg/5ml Oral Solution
  • Epilim Syrup 200mg/5ml Oral Solution

Should it be necessary for a pharmacist to dispense liquid or syrup to you, they will advise on how to measure the correct dosage and any changes that may be required in how you take your medication.

Please contact your medical team or Epilepsy Nurse Specialist helpline if you have any concerns.

Note: Epilepsy Ireland is currently preparing an article on concerns over Brexit-related medications shortages in Ireland which will be published on epilepsy.ie in the coming days.