Epanutin Supply Update

Further to our most recent update regarding the supply of Epanutin, following further contact with the manufacturer of the medication, we have been advised the following:

-Epanutin 30mg/5ml Oral Suspension are expected to be back in stock this week. 
-As of this writing, there is no further update regarding the supply of Epanutin Infatabs 50mg Chewable Tablets. Dilantin Infatabs are currently available as an exempt medical product in the meantime for the duration of this shortage
-Epanutin Ready Mixed Parenteral 250mg/5ml Solution for Injection or Infusion is currently expected to return in March.  PHENYTOIN INJ 250mg/5ml 5X5ml is available as an exempt medical product in the meantime for the duration of this shortage.

We will continue to follow up regarding this shortage and provide further information wherever possible regarding this on our website and social media channels.We would encourage you to please speak to your medical team or epilepsy nurse specialist regarding this shortage should you have any concerns.