Coronavirus & Epilepsy

Commonly Asked Questions on Coronavirus & Epilepsy
Our dedicated Community Resource Officers are here for you for support & advice on your epilepsy
Find out where you should be accessing the latest information on COVID19
There are some common misconceptions about medication supply owing to COVID19. Read about them here.
Like our Community Resource Officers, Epilepsy Nurse Specialists are also still available to you.
Whenever possible, we will put your questions on COVID19 to Epilepsy experts
Remember the basics on how best to manage your epilepsy during COVID19
We all have different ways of coping with COVID19. See if what our staff is doing can help you.
There are a number of additional supports that might help you during COVID19...
We have adapted our services to support you during the COVID19 situation
We've outlined some specific questions we're receiving from parents on COVID19
Ask your friends and family to get their "degree" while social distancing!
These are challenging times but we'd appreciate your support if able. See how you can help here..
Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can support you during this time.