Coronavirus & Epilepsy

Will the virus be more severe on me? Will it impact medication supply? All this and more here....
Follow public health advice and wear a mask in so far as possible
Our dedicated Community Resource Officers are here for you for support & advice on your epilepsy
Find out where you should be accessing the latest information on COVID19
Some resources, information & advice for parents, teachers & students
Like our Community Resource Officers, Epilepsy Nurse Specialists are also still available to you.
The COVID Tracker app helps trace those who have been in contact with a COVID-19 case.
Remember the basics on managing your epilepsy and tips for preparing for virtual appointments.
We all have different ways of coping with COVID19. See if these resources can help you.
Common Questions on COVID, tips for exercise & mental health and much more!
There are a number of additional supports that might help you during COVID19...
We have adapted our services to support you during the COVID19 situation