Charities Institute Ireland - #GE2020

As a member of Charities Institute Ireland (CII), Epilepsy Ireland are supporting the priorities outlined by the CII.

Specifically, CII have identified three policy areas which requires action from the the 33rd Dáil. They are as follows:

1) Strategically funding the Sector (including ensuring sustainable funding for Section 39 organisations like Epilepsy Ireland; the provision of multi-annual funding;funding associated costs with the running of a charity and the development of a charity passport to streamline the regulation process in order to allow us focus more time on the people we serve).
2) Increasing the VAT compensation scheme
3) Encouraging Philantropy

You can read more on the CII's proposals at the following link.

Epilpesy Ireland have launched our priorities for the upcoming General Election and you can read more about these here.