Changes to Long Term Illness Scheme Application Process June 2019

Epilepsy Ireland has become aware that there have been changes to the Long Term Illness Scheme recently in respect of the application process for new applicants and for renewal applicants also.

These changes include the following:

  1. a new address for sending completed documentation to
  2. a new form
  3. a new LTI card  
  4. residency requirements
  5. a new online express registration facility for pharmacists to register people with certain conditions, including epilepsy.

1. New Address
The process for new and review LTI applications is centralised through the Primary Care Reimbursement Scheme rather than through your Local Health Office. The new address is:
Long Term Illness Scheme, Client Registration Unit, PO Box 12962, Dublin 11, D11 XKF3.

2. New Form
There is a new form in use and old forms will no longer be accepted.

3. New LTI Card
LTI Cards will be issued going forward but existing LTI Books will remain valid for the time being.

4. Residency
Applicants must be ordinarily resident i.e. live here and intend to live here for at least one year.

5. Express LTI Registration
For newly diagnosed people who are not yet on the LTI scheme there is a new Express LTI registration which can be completed online by a pharmacist. Express LTI registration is for people with certain new diagnoses where the medication prescribed confirms the diagnosis. Epilepsy is one of these diagnoses. If a pharmacist registers you using the Express LTI registration then you must still submit your completed application form to the LTIS Client Registration Unit within two months to continue to get your medication free.

More Information
If you have any questions about your new LTI application or renewal of your LTI call 1890 252 919 for more information.