Change Donations

We are delighted to now be officially registered with the fantastic organisation that is Change Donations.happy.png

The whole ethos of Change Donations is that small change can make a big impact and this something that we would also attest to! Every donation that we receive, no matter how small, goes towards our work of achieving a society where no person's life is limited by epilepsy. 

Change Donations allows users of their app & site to round up their everyday purchases to the next euro - donating the difference to charities such as Epilpesy Ireland. This allows users to make a difference in our organisation with small change as they go about their daily lifes. But how does it work?

Each time you make a purchase, Change Donations round up your purchase to the nearest euro and donate your spare change to the causes you support. All you have to do is:

  1. Select your organisation (Epilepsy Ireland!!!)

  2. Connect your bank; connect to your bank and authorise roundup functionality.

  3. Link your card; securely link the card you would like your donations to come from.

  4. See your impact; watch as your change makes a big difference for the causes you support!

So what are you waiting for; create an account with Change Donations by clicking here and select Epilepsy Ireland as your chosen charity!

Every cent makes a difference in our work to help person's with epilepsy and their families.