Cavan: Support Group Meeting for people with Epilepsy

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Our support groups are a fantastic way for people with epilepsy to come together and discuss how they are managing their condition in a sharing & safe environment. Oftentimes, particpants find great solace in discussing their concerns and in many cases, some of their frustrations with the condition with people who are in similar situations. Furthermore, our Community Resource Officer for the area, Mary Baker, will also be on hand to provide advice or support on any questions or issues you may have. 

With this event coinciding with the week of International Epilepsy Day, we'd encourage you to please come along and meet other's living with the condition and likewise, if there is someone in your area who you know is living with epilepsy, please let them know about this event.

For further information and to register your attendance, please get in touch with Mary on or by contacting 0429337585.

WHEN: Wednesday 12th February

WHERE: Hotel Kilmore, Cavan

TIME: 10am - 12pm



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