Anxiety; Supporting Young Children With Epilepsy and Their Parents - with Dr. Philip Coey, Senior Clinical Psychologist, OLCHC

Image of Neurologist Philip Coey
Thursday, January 27, 2022

Many parents of children with epilepsy will be aware that the condition can have an impact on their child’s mental wellbeing. Alongside this, parents will also be aware how their child’s condition can have an impact on their own wellbeing and that of the wider family circle.

This is why we have organised this special event which will be hosted by Dr. Philip Coey.

Dr. Coey is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at Our Lady’s Children Hospital Crumlin (OLCHC) and has a wealth of experience across the Irish healthcare system having previously working in child primary care; child and adolescent mental health services; early intervention and children’s disability services; as well as specialist tertiary services for children.

In his current role, Dr. Coey supports the neurology services at OLCHC and has direct experience of assessing and providing therapeutic intervention for children with epilepsy.

Dr. Coey has worked throughout the Irish Health care system: including child primary care, child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), early intervention and children’s disability services, as well as specialist tertiary services for children.

Knowing how to support a child with epilepsy when it comes to their emotions – with particular reference to anxiety management - can have a positive impact on overall family quality of life. This event will look at the specific role of anxiety in the context of young children with epilepsy, what you need to know, what you can do and where to get help if necessary. 

Dr. Coey will be assisted by Shane MacSweeney Mahon – a psychologist in clinical training who is currently on placement in CHI Crumlin working in paediatric psychology supporting neurology.

We look forward to welcoming to you to this online event and should you have any further questions or require any further information, please contact our Community Resource Officer, Carina Fitzgerald in

WHEN: Thursday January 27th, 7:30pm.   
WHERE: Your home, via Zoom!
WHO: This event is specifically for parents of children with epilepsy up to the age of 12.
REGISTRATION: To register, please click the zoom link below and input your details.
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