Adults with epilepsy needed for important research

Epilepsy Ireland and University College Dublin are inviting people with epilepsy to take park in a research study carried out by UCD's School Of Psychology. The study will explore first-hand experience of stress and resilience in the face of this neurological condition.

Dr Christine Linehan (Principal Investigator) and Dr Kate O'Donovan (Co-investigator) are interested to know more about what causes stress and how people with epilepsy adapt and cope with stress in their lives. By knowing more information the researchers can add to the knowledge base in relation to providing appropriate supports and interventions to people with epilepsy and their families, as well as education and information on how services can best respond to support those affected.

The study aims to conduct telephone interviews to gather information on people's unique experience of stress and resilience in the context of their epilepsy diagnosis. The researchers are particularly interested to speak with adults with epilepsy (aged 18 and over) who have had a seizure within the previous six months and who are currently prescribed anti-epileptic medication.

If you meet these criteria and if you are willing to talk about your personal experience of having and coping with epilepsy, all you have to do it click on the link below and answer the short questionnaire.

Volunteer to take part: To register your interest in taking part in this study, simply click on this link and answer the short questionnaire:

If you wish to contact the researchers for more information, please do so by calling Kate O'Donovan on 085 7061649 or email

Please note: The research team are hoping to recruit between 10 and 12 participants for this study. In the event that it is oversubscribed you may not be offered a follow up interview. You will, however, be contacted to inform you of this.