Additional Resources for COVID19

On this page, we will continually upload resources which you may find of use during the COVID19 situation. These will rang from techniques in understanding COVID, managing wellbeing during the situation and any other state resources we beliece may be of help to you during this time. Should you wish to bring something to our attention which you feel would be of additional benefit to people with epilepsy and their families, please do not hesitate to contact our Communications Officer Paddy McGeoghegan by emailing

- National Adult Literacy Agency Guide to COVID19 terminology

We are hearing a lot of new terminology with COVID19 and it is easy to get mixed up on what exactly they all mean. The National Adult Literacy Agency has develop a guide to explain exactly what is meant by terms such as "cocooning" and "social-distancing" actually means in their fantastic resource which can be found here.

- HSE Plain Easy-Read Guide to COVID19

This guide from the HSE on COVID19 is targetted at those who may have intellectual difficulties or those who may have difficulties in understanding the current situation. Intellectual difficulty is common in epilepsy so this could be a very useful aid to families & carers. This resource can be found here.

- Headspace

This renowned mindfulness app has a free section on their website called "weathering the storm" which has a couple of different techniques on helping sleep,medidation and excercise. You can access this free resource by clicking here.

- Stillhere

Unfortunately with lockdown, there have been increased reports of instances of domestic violence during this period. The State and organisations who work with victims of domestic violence have developed a suite of resources to remind those who may be suffering domestic violence that their supports remain available. This can be found here. 

- Together

The Government have a suite of resources on a number of different areas which may be impacting on you during lockdown including managing at home, looking after mental health and staying active during COVID19. All this and much more can be found at here.

-Advice for talking to Children about Covid19

These are trying times for us all and hard to make sense of but in particular, it is hard for the little people in our lifes to understand. It can also be difficult for parents to explain the curnt situation to their children. To that end, CHI have a number of resources available that can assist you with this. You can read more about this here.

-Surviving COVID19 from a psychological perspective

Our colleagues in the International Bureau for Epilepsy have published a very useful document on how to get through this pandemic from a psychological point of view. You can read the full document here while the paper's advice is also summarised here.

-Free legal advice service

This pandemic has seen an increase of legal queries in relation to  housing, debt, unemployment and social welfare to name but a few. The Community Law & Mediation service are currently offering a free countrywide service offering free advice on legal matters. You can find further details on this service here.



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