5 Ways in 5 Days

Daniel Flynn, Principal Psychology Manager, of the Cork/Kerry mental health services has released a series of videos in conjunction with the HSE surroundng tips for mental health & minduflness for the duration of the COVID19 situation. 

These may be very beneficial to many of our members, supporters & volunteers so please take the time to watch same. We will be sharing each video on our facebook over the coming the week. 

For more on Cornavirus & epilepsy, click here. A reminder that our Community Resource Officers are still available to you support & advice regarding your epilepsy - click here for details of your local Community Resource Offficer.

Day 1 - Managing Emotions.












Day 2 - Understanding State of Mind












Day 3 - Daily Mindfulness












Day 4 - Relationship Mindfulness












Day 5 - Coping with Distress