24-11-2017| Aussie rules player could sue AFL over his epilepsy

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A former Australian Rules footballer is threatening to sue the AFL over the long-term damage to his health caused by concussion, which includes an epilepsy diagnosis.

John Barnes believes the condition was caused by blows to the head and says more than a dozen former players are ready to join his legal fight.

"There are some questions I need answering and we're the only first-world country that hasn't got workers' compensation for participating sport", he told Gareth Parker's Mornings Show on 6PR.

The 48-year-old suffered his first seizure five years ago. Neurology professor at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Mark Cook says repeated concussions are known to result in seizures.

"He doesn't have any other cause for epilepsy that we've demonstrated and I think we all know he had a lot of whacks to the head over the years, over his playing career," he revealed to The Western Australian.

Barnes will now persue possible court action supported by player agent Peter Jess.