23-10-2015 | Today is SUDEP Awareness Day 2015 – Are you SUDEP Savvy?

'23-10-2015 | Today is SUDEP Awareness Day 2015 – Are you SUDEP Savvy?' image

October 23rd is International SUDEP Awareness Day. SUDEP Awareness Day was created by UK charity SUDEP Action and is dedicated to raising awareness of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) all around the world.

SUDEP is when a person with epilepsy dies suddenly and prematurely and no other cause of death is found. In the general population of people living with epilepsy the risk is 1:1000. There are an estimated 40 cases of SUDEP each year in Ireland.

The day is aimed at:

Key messages for the day are:

Check out the SUDEP in Ireland infographic for more information

SUDEP Resources:

SUDEP Awareness Day website: www.sudepawarenessday.org

Epilepsy.ie SUDEP section

Epilepsy Deaths Register for Ireland website

Epilepsy Ireland SUDEP booklet (pdf)

Be Safe Reduce Risk booklet (pdf)

SUDEP Action website

Contact us at 01 4557500/ info@epilepsy.ie or your local EI office if you would like to know more about SUDEP and managing your risks.