15-12-2015 | Disable Inequality Election Campaign

'15-12-2015 | Disable Inequality Election Campaign' image

With General Election 2016 fast approaching, now is the time for people with disabilities and their families to get active on issues that affect them.

As members of Disability Federation of Ireland, Epilepsy Ireland is encouraging all our own members and service users to support and get involved with the DFI election campaign, "Disable Inequality". The campaign is all about YOU, and YOUR story of living with a disability.

The voice of people with disabilities needs to be heard nationwide in this election campaign, not only because 1 in 8 Irish people have a disability but, more importantly, because they are deeply affected by so many of the issues at the heart of political debate.

Ready to take action to create a fairer and more inclusive society? Some simple ways to get involved with the Disable Inequality campaign.

By working together and building the voice of people with disabilities in Ireland we have a real chance to bring about change in 2016.