19-01-2017 | New resource support model benefits children with epilepsy

'19-01-2017 | New resource support model benefits children with epilepsy' image

Epilepsy Ireland welcomes the announcement by the Minister for Education Richard Bruton on the new model for allocation of resource supports for children with learning needs in schools.

The major benefit for children with only a diagnosis of epilepsy who have learning needs is that they will not need a further diagnosis to be eligible for support. It can be provided based on their learning need.

The date for roll out of the new model is September 2017.

Announcing the introduction of the new model, Minister Bruton said:

"The basic aim of this Government is to sustain our economic progress and use it to build a fair and compassionate society. Education is the best means of delivering a fairer society, breaking down cycles of disadvantage and ensuring that all our people, in particular those with special educational needs, are able to participate in that progress and fulfil their potential.

"I am very pleased to be able to implement the NCSE policy advice recommendation that a new model for allocating special education teachers to schools should be introduced. The model which has been carefully worked up is aimed at ensuring that we can deliver better outcomes for children with special educational needs, and eliminate unfairnesses and other problems which exist in the current model."

Read more: http://www.education.ie/en/Press-Events/Press-Releases/2017-Press-Releases/PR2017-01-18.html#sthash.0Pghgr8O.AwCK7K6j.dpuf