Reducing Risk

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To those concerned we would emphasise that good self-care can significantly reduce risks of SUDEP in those with established epilepsy. This means:

We in Brainwave also recommend that all children and people with epilepsy should use an anti-smother pillow (or no pillow at all), especially if there is any history of nocturnal seizures. Unfortunately, no research has been carried out to confirm that these pillows can actually protect people from SUDEP.

Family members and carers should be informed of what to do during and following a seizure. In particular, carers, should be advised to stay with a person for 15 - 20 minutes after the seizure to ensure they are breathing easily and to watch that they are not turning blue. An ambulance should be called if the seizure lasts more than five to seven minutes or if they are unduly concerned. Where risk factors of SUDEP are present carers should have a basic knowledge of resuscitation techniques.