Epilepsy Medication

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Some children think by taking extra amounts of medication it will give them better seizure control, or even cure their epilepsy. Sometimes children get the idea that taking more than the usual dose of medicine will work better than the standard dose. This can be a dangerous belief if the child decides to act on it.

It is suggested that parents should find out as much as they can about their child's condition, since he/she's bound to want to know a lot more as he/she gets older. Parents of children who have epilepsy can help their children understand why they take medication by explaining that: -

Epilepsy medicine works best when you take a little bit at a time. Just like the doctor said.

Taking lots of medicine at once wouldn't make you better; it would probably make you sick.

Epilepsy medicines sometimes take a while to work, and some people still have a few seizures even though they are taking their medication.