What is the best way to record my child's seizures?

'What is the best way to record my child's seizures?' image

Keep a diary of all witnessed and suspected episodes. Describe what happened in as much detail as possible. Divide your account into before during and after .

Before (for the previous hours or day):



Video recording of seizures is a very useful method of capturing the episode. When we observe a seizure we are often emotionally affected by what we see and parents frequently recount feeling very distressed witnessing their child have a seizure. This can mean it is difficult to fully recall accurately what happened . Where seizures are likely to recur it is a good idea to have a VCR on standby ready to record the episode. Perhaps one parent can record the seizure this way whilst the other tends to the child. Rarely will the child have a seizure when they attend the clinic so having it on video gives the doctor an exact idea of what happened.