26-01-2018 l Wear a rose and show you care

'26-01-2018 l Wear a rose and show you care' image

You can help Epilepsy Ireland this February by donating a few hours of your time to support our annual Rose Weeks appeal 12th -23rd February, Epilepsy Ireland needs volunteers to sell roses throughout the country at shopping centres, schools, colleges and workplaces. Can you spare a few hours?

Rose appeals have been an important source of funding for Epilepsy Ireland since 1992 and the charity relies on volunteers to make the appeal a success. If you are interested please email John at fundraising@epilepsy.ie or call 01 4557500 to volunteer as little as 2 hours of your time.

 Other ways you can help:

Text your Rose Week donation

You can also support the Rose Appeal by texting the word ROSES to 50300. 100% of your €4 donation will go directly to Epilepsy Ireland. Some providers charge VAT which means that a minimum of €3.60 will go to Epilepsy Ireland. Service Provider: LikeCharity; Helpline 0766805278.