13-02-2017 | New Epilepsy Management Phone App released by Epilepsy Ireland

'13-02-2017 | New Epilepsy Management Phone App released by Epilepsy Ireland' image

To mark International Epilepsy Day 2017, Epilepsy Ireland has today launched the all new Epilepsy Ireland Epilepsy Management App for iPhone. An Android version will be available shortly.

The free app has been developed for Epilepsy Ireland in association with Hewlett Packard App Factory Team in Galway.

The app builds on the original Epilepsy Ireland Seizure Diary app but now comes with a wider range of features to support people with epilepsy and parents of children with epilepsy to record information about their seizures (including video), identify potential triggers and seizure patterns, set important reminders, send emergency texts, organise medical appointments, measure missed medications and collect important data on their epilepsy.

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Key features:

The original Epilepsy Ireland app will also continue to be available for both Apple and Android.

For more information and a demo video, see the App homepage