22-01-2016 | Video about the Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

'22-01-2016 | Video about the Electronic Patient Record (EPR)' image

This video shows how the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) which is a specifically-designed computerised record system is improving epilepsy management by enabling better communications between the various healthcare professionals involved.

The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) was officially launched on January 21st 2010 at a seminar at Beaumont Hospital.

The EPR has been implemented and is in use a number of regional epilepsy centres including University Hospital Limerick, University College Hospital Galway, St James's, Beaumont and Connolly hospitals Dublin. This secure web-based EPR is facilitating the sharing and exchange of clinical information across a number of sites. Regardless of geographical location, authorised personnel involved in epilepsy care can call up patient records. 

The technology is now supporting a range of in-patient and out-patient services as well as outreach clinics in the intellectual disability (ID) sector and maternity care.

As well as supporting the delivery of a range of epilepsy services, the EPR allows the efficient examination and analysis of large volumes of patient information and is therefore a major asset for the national epilepsy programme.

The video is available to view here - https://youtu.be/glcVYDcmMZk

Details of the National Clinical Programme for Epilepsy 

The project was funded by the Health Research Board and developed by Beaumont hospital's epilepsy team and information technology department and supported by Trinity College Dublin. Epilepsy Ireland has also played a supporting role in this work at Beaumont since the EPRs inception.