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Epilepsy Ireland is a membership organisation. That means it is run by its members for the benefit of people with epilepsy and their families.

Technological advances in recent years have made it easier for us all to communicate, share experiences and form virtual communities but it is still important that Epilepsy Ireland retains a strong, vibrant membership base in order to best support and represent the epilepsy community.

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1 Year New membership subscription €12.70
2 Year New membership subscription €20 + option of either free epi alert ID Bracelet, Safety Pillow, or Tap2tag Silicone Wristband 

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The 1 year renewal membership fee of €12.70 has remained static for nearly 20 years and contributes only in part to the cost of printing/ posting this magazine and other membership costs. When you receive your renewal notice during 2018 and beyond, we hope that you will consider it good value for money and a worthwhile investment in the future of epilepsy services. 

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