23-4-2010 | European Epilepsy Day to take place from 2011

'23-4-2010 | European Epilepsy Day to take place from 2011' image

Epilepsy is to get its own awareness day across Europe from next year. European Epilepsy Day will take place annually on the second Monday of February. It will be launched on 14th February 2011, the Feast Day of St Valentine, who is reputed to have had epilepsy.

This important event is being created with the support of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and will be organised through EUCARE (a joint initiative of IBE and ILAE) and the International Bureau For Epilepsy (IBE) European Regional Committee.

The aim of European Epilepsy Day will be to promote epilepsy awareness at regional level through educational and promotional activities. It will send out the right signals to the European Union, where more and more emphasis is being placed on the need for medical and lay associations to work together on initiatives requesting the support of the European Parliament.

Planning is now underway to make a large impact politically and in the media across the continent.