8-1-2010 | Rehab and EIQA launch Q-mark for Accessibility

'8-1-2010 | Rehab and EIQA launch Q-mark for Accessibility' image

Rehab and Excellence Ireland Quality Association (EIQA) have launched the new ABLE Business Excellence Awards. The ABLE award is acknowledged as being the Q-Mark for accessibility, aimed at ensuring an inclusive environment for staff and customers with disabilities.

By attaining the award, Irish businesses can demonstrate a commitment to leading the way in meeting the needs of people with disabilities. 

Please bring this important new initiative to your employer's attention and help ensure that people with disabilities in Ireland are receiving the best possible employment and customer experience.

Michael Horgan, Director of Enterprises at Rehab says "Ten per cent of our population has a disability and it makes good business sense for companies to make sure that this key section of our population is being provided for appropriately. But, making your business more accessible benefits not only this group, but all customers and staff alike." 

For more information on the ABLE award see www.able.ie or download the information below.