Epilepsy Deaths Register for Ireland

'Epilepsy Deaths Register for Ireland' image

One of Epilepsy Ireland's key objectives is to undertake, encourage and fund research into all aspects of epilepsy. Epilepsy mortality has been identified as a key area where high calibre research is urgently needed worldwide and even within Ireland , there are many researchers with the interest and expertise to conduct this much needed research. 

Epilepsy Ireland has partnered with UK charity SUDEP Action and with UCC and Sheffield University to set up the Epilepsy Deaths Register for Ireland. The Register is based on the UK Epilepsy Deaths register launched in 2013 and shares much of the same infrastructure and personnel. The Epilepsy Deaths Register for Ireland was launched in 2015 and will provide:

The Register has been made possible thanks to funding raised by the friends and family of Alan Gallagher, who died from SUDEP in 2009.

Visit the register, and find out more at: https://epilepsydeathsregister.org/ie