26-2-2010 | Epilepsy Ireland on Facebook

'26-2-2010 | Epilepsy Ireland on Facebook' image

Regular visitors to epilepsy.ie may be interested to hear about a new group that has been set up on the social networking website Facebook called Epilepsy Ireland. The group was established in late 2009 by Brainwave member Rachel Ashe and currently has almost 300 members.

"The reason for the group is to highlight problems and issues with epilepsy, to talk about our experiences, to share relevant news and also to talk about the lighter side of epilepsy. If you have anything to share or questions to ask, post away!" says Rachel.

To access the group, click here.

Please note that the group is not organised, controlled or moderated in any way by Brainwave and any views expressed on the site are not those of Brainwave. Social networking groups such as this are not a replacement for medical advice and you should seek advice from your healthcare providers on any specific epilepsy issues you may have.