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2-6-2009 | Prince talks about his epilepsy

Prince has revealed for the first time in a recent interview on American television that he had epilepsy as a child. » read more


27-05-09 | Travelling Abroad - Don't Forget your Passport

People with epilepsy need to take special precautions when travelling. » read more


25-05-09 | Drug found to prevent epilepsy progression

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, USA, have identified a new anticonvulsant compound that has the potential to stop the development of epilepsy. » read more


5-3-09 | Study finds that skipping epilepsy medication can be harmful

People with epilepsy who do not take their anti-seizure medications as prescribed could face serious or even fatal consequences, according to a new study » read more


25-2-2009 | David Cameron's eldest son, Ivan passes away

The death has occurred of British Conservative leader David Cameron's eldest son, Ivan. » read more


25-2-2009 | Brain injury raises risk of epilepsy

Danish researchers have found that children and young adults who suffer a traumatic brain injury are at high risk of developing epilepsy for more than 10 years after the injury » read more


6-2-2009 | Epilepsy medications to carry suicide warnings in Ireland

Warnings to highlight increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours associated with some anti epilepsy drugs are to be included in product information sheets. » read more


20-1-2009 | Missing DNA could cause epilepsy

A missing segment of DNA has been discovered which could be responsible for idiopathic seizures. » read more


6-1-2009 | Death of John Travolta's son Jett

Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of John Travolta died earlier this week while the family was vacationing in the Bahamas. » read more


2-1-2009 | Workplace stress has no effect on seizure incidence

An Israeli study has found that workplace stress has no effect on the incidence of seizures in the workplace. » read more

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