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29-06-2010 | Prognosis for children with epilepsy

Children with new-onset epilepsy of unknown origin have a much higher rate of remission than those with symptomatic epilepsy, caused by underlying brain damage or disease. » read more


28-06-2010 | Researchers Work to Prevent Neurological Diseases

Many diseases of brain function, such as epilepsy are caused by problems in how neurons communicate with each other. » read more


28-5-2010 | Pediatric Epilepsy Patients Having Improved Outcomes After Surgery

American researchers claim that more paediatric epilepsy patients are becoming seizure-free after surgery than ever before. » read more


25-5-2010 | Study claims news coverage is biased against drivers with epilepsy

The results of a recent study undertaken by the Mayo Clinic in America has found that newspaper coverage is biased against people with epilepsy in their reporting of car accidents. » read more


17-05-2010 | Challenging the perceptions of quality of life for children with epilepsy

We know that children with epilepsy face many challenges, however recent research suggests that parental perceptions that the quality of life is worse for children with epilepsy than those without the condition are not always right. » read more


14-05-2010|Significant Irish contribution..missing DNA link

Irish researchers and patient volunteers contributed significantly to the recent report of missing DNA linking to epilepsy (see Latest News 04-05-2010). » read more


13-05-2010 | Light sensitive genes in animal models to help tackle Epilepsy

On Monday 17th May, the first national research conference on epilepsy will take place at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. » read more


04-05-2010 | Missing DNA link to epilepsy

People who are missing large chunks of DNA on chromosome 16 have a greatly increased risk for developing epilepsy, researchers say. » read more


27-04-2010 | Study sheds new light on epilepsy

An American study has shed new light on the mechanism behind epilepsy attacks in the brain. » read more


26-4-2010 | Epilepsy linked to language dysfunction in children

Epileptic activity in the brain can affect language development in children, according to new Swedish research. » read more

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